How can Real-Time Marketing Boost your Business?

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Marketing is a major ingredient for every product and service your business offers. There was a time when companies didn’t need to personalize to be successful. Guess what… These days are long gone!
Nowadays, the success of your business mainly lies in its marketing. Without it, your potential customers may never be aware of your business offerings and your company may not be given the opportunity to develop and succeed. Therefore, the real question is: “What is the most efficient way to promote your offerings? How can you make people aware of those?”
The answer is simple and it consists of three words: “Real-Time Marketing”.
RTM gives you the ability to engage with clients and/or fans in a split second. It is taking into account continuous data received from people’s smartphones and gives companies the opportunity to launch marketing strategies that are instant, targeted and in many occasions automated.
RTM in conjunction with associated personalization, empowers a business to tailor each marketing message for a specific client. With push notification messages that ping on their smartphones, all messages ought to be customized to them and their inclinations.
With the ‘always connected’ nature of smartphones and the expanded utilisation of mobile applications, individuals will be ready to receive highly targeted messages and personalized offers. Taking into account the location of each customer, area based marketing is going to wind up smarter and significantly more customized.These connected customers will interact with brands more and more through their smartphones, tablets and wearables. By having a two-way communication channel, businesses will find out that some of their customers are so loyal and so engaged to the brand that they wouldn’t shop from anyplace. This is a very significant information for your business and there are many ways to make it useful in marketing strategies (for e.g Reward and Recognition scheme etc).
Do you use Real-Time Marketing already? If not, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you want to be able to share real time offers to thousands of people this instant?
You can have it all in your hands. Just email Digiloft at
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